Ezequiel Lo Cane


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I am exploring new challenges with difficult objectives. I have developed and managed projects in several countries, in private and public spheres, in times of crisis or tension, with different types of professionals and I have obtained quick and unexpected successes.
2009-Present; advisor/consultant on digital innovation & business transformation
2017-Present; #Multiplicatex7, “Justina’s campaign”, my daughter. I lead a heterogeneous team, I agreed on different profiles; to generate and align a multidisciplinary team and get the national law 27,447 or better known as the Justina Law: voted unanimously in both houses in just 9 months allowed me to apply my experience and knowledge in marketing. With historical records of number of transplants once in force.
2017; cofounder center of innovation, coworking and cobuilding

2016; co-found and mentor the FIRST Innovation association for intrapeneurs at Peru
2015; lead the digital transformation process one of the biggest Media Group at Latin America
2014; defined, designed, built and implemented the FIRST maturity level model for ecommerce business
2012-2014; re-founded and managed the growth of a LATAM ecommerce SVCS company & advised on M&A eCommerce and Digital Marketing technology companies among LATAM
2012; lead, facilitated and co elaborated on post graduated university courses at Argentina and Peru
2009-2018; lead eCommerce, mobile & Digital Enterprise Marketing projects in Fortune 500 Companies such as Disney, intel, P&G and others.
2007-Present; mentored for startups on ecommerce, digital and mobile marketing
2007-2012; founded a digital marketing venture with corporate customers in Latin America & USA
2001-2007; over achieved sales goals on high competitive markets & managed sales, pre-sales and technical teams in a country into a political and economic crisis
1995-2000; generated and organized the new regional marketing area of a technology multinational.